Who am I?

I’m the person who excitedly wants to go cliff jumping and drags everyone with me. When we finally get there, we stand at the edge of the cliff and look down into the waters below. Suddenly, I wonder what we’re doing there and why all these other people are here. I know I can’t do it; this is ludicrous and suicidal.

Then, there’s a moment and time freezes.  I’ve stepped away from the edge of the cliff, to the point where I should start running. I’m standing there, seeing rock in front of me that simple ends in about 10 feet.  I can never tell when time starts up again, because I don’t notice it until a few seconds later. My next moment of consciousness is as I look down to see my feet running, and the edge of that cliff is just a few steps away…

I never remember starting to run and I never remember the moment my feet leave the solid ground. But the instance of running feet and the free fall afterwards, those are intensely vivid moments. In those frozen frames of life, I know I’m alive and I know why I’m here.

So here we are. I’m heading up to the cliffs and hoping to take you with me. You don’t have to jump, but having you along will somehow motivate me when the waters look so dark and distant. And who knows, maybe you’ll decide to jump too!

No, really, who am I?

Alright, for those of you who want concrete worldly facts, here it is:

  • Californian. Grew up all over the state.
  • UCLA for undergrad: studied biology, graduated with a degree in English Lit and a passion for Latin.
  • Spent several years in Japan (near Osaka) as a missionary.
  • Fuller Seminary for an MA in theology. Spent two years there (LA), working in Busan, Korea for the summers.
  • Now, I’m living in Seoul, Korea. I work as an editor for a big university. I expect to be here awhile – at least 3-5 yrs. I arrived here in Oct, 2009.

More to come later…


2 responses

1 02 2010

hi! saw your comment on eugene cho’s blog…i’m in seoul as well but don’t see a way to email you…

curious where you’ve been going to church and would love to chat with another christian girl about the expat life in seoul! 😉

1 02 2010
Jennifer Wilson

Hi t-hype! I’m sending you an email.

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