Unannounced Hiatus

24 02 2010

I’ve been…. re-evaluating. I’d love to say its done and I have some grand conclusions, but I don’t.

Working a 9-5 job is great. I have good benefits (5 wks vacation!), decent pay (no comment), great hours (literally 9-5, including lunch). It’s the first time in my life I’m not worried about making ends meet and paying the bills. I even like the work and the people. In all honesty, it’s exactly what I asked God for a year ago.

But with our first warm day outside, I want the freedom to go out and read a book for an hour. Or bring Selah (my dog) to the office. I miss teaching, preparing for and standing in front of a class. I miss having the right to tutor (my visa doesn’t allow it) and watching individual students growing long-term.

Most of my re-evaluating has been related to finances and those now very limited free hours each day. This is where this blog comes in. Writing even a short article takes up to an hour. But the things I want to write are more in-depth. I need more coming in than going out – read more books, listen to more ideas, follow other blogs… I’d say I need at least an hour a day of bring these things in. Then, there’s the processing. Time for reflection and prayer. Time to integrate it all. Only then am I prepared to write.

On the one hand, I thought blogging daily would motivate me to keep up on the intake and processing. It does. Except that I just honestly don’t have time for all of that at the level I want to do it. Because, you see, there’s also learning korean, involvement in various ministries… and just balancing my sanity and need for down time (especially while living in another culture and working  full-time).

So, no grand announcements. Just letting you know I’ll be around, but I’m not sure how much. I’m also leaning towards keeping this academic for my own sake – I don’t want to get rusty. I’ll let you know if I do come to any vital decisions.


Getting Started

1 01 2010

Manuals always start with a section entitled “Getting Started”. It’s just after “What’s in the Box” and just before the real information. It’s also the section most of us skip. Sure, we check to make sure we got “What’s in the Box” and we occasionally refer to the sections later on, but “Getting Started” is about the dullest section. It tends to tell you information like “First, plug in the computer/camera/TV/greatest-newest-gadaget.” Thanks, but I think I got it.

The first post of a blog feels a lot like the “Getting Started” section.  Trying to find the voice, tone, theme,  all in one brief, brilliant introduction. But it ends up sounding a lot like “Look, I’m starting a blog! I promise to write every day!” Well, I am starting this blog, but I’m not promising that. What I am promising is this:

I’m on a journey, and I’d like to invite you along. We’re in this together. That means, you’re voice counts as much as mine.  It means your comments and opinions matter to me, but I’m not looking to argue for the sake of argument. There’s a conversation going on; it started long years before we were born and will continue after we’re dust. I’d like to listen in on it and see if we can learn a few things. Maybe we’ll even add a few words of our own.

In case you haven’t figured it out, we’re going to be talking about God. No idea what form that’s going to take or which direction we’re headed. So, things may seem a bit scattered at first. Pardon the dust, just trying to get our bearings. Joining the middle of a conversation is always a bit disorienting.

Well, let’s “get started”!