Pants on the ground

4 02 2010

I’m sure everyone’s seen Pants On The Ground. Everyone’s seen it, laughed at it. It’s the viral video of last week.

So yeah. I’m a little late writing this up. But as heard about it for the umpteenth time, it takes on new meaning when you get what Larry Platt’s saying: Wear a belt!

No, actually, he was telling men to act their age. Apparently, he said he’s worked too hard and sacrificed too much for the next generation to throw it all away. It reminds me of Eugene Cho’s post the other day, about the difference between manliness and maturity:

“There are many men that simply¬†need to grow up, mature, be responsible, and take their faith in Christ‚Ķto heart.”

It’s true all around us – but how much more do Christian men need to model that maturity? Don’t we have the responsibility to speak to the culture and demonstrate what it means to be a mature adult?